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Website and Email Security

email security

An average user might not know what to do exactly to protect your family and friends from identity theft. However, things are not that complicated if you just remember a couple of basic things. There is really a plethora of information about Internet frauds and hazards and here we offer a couple of simple tips that will help you to avoid identity theft without much effort.

Computer Security

  • It is recommended that you choose automatic updates of your OS. In the majority of them there is a feature that allows automatic security updates. You really do not need to be a specialist and it is only needed to be done once.
  • The second essential thing is to protect your computer from various viruses and malware. There are a lot of various versions of spyware removal software as well as virus scanners - they are deadly useful especially if you spend much time online.

Internet Security

  • Do not allow any pop-ups. They might come in a variation of ads and in their nature they are harmless; however, you do not really need them. You can prevent them from appearing by installing a pop-up blocker. The majority of browsers and surely the most popular of them Mozilla Firefox and Opera do have them and you just need to activate them.
  • Make sure that you browse only secure sites and especially when you do online shopping or banking. It is crucial to make sure that you are not providing your information to some third party. There is plenty of information on the account of how to recognize a secure website.

Email Security

  • It seems that you e-mail is your private property but as your actual e-mail box it can be broken open. Your e-mails can be easily accessed by some third parties and even e-mails can be fraud attempts. In case the e-mail you received looks like fraud it is strongly recommended not to open it and delete at once.
  • The same can be said about the attachments you get in your e-mails. It's ok if they are from the people you know; however, if the e-mail address is unknown to you, it is better no to open the attachments in them at all. If you think that it might be important, scan the e-mail with the virus scanner.

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