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Your identity is something that belongs to you only with no regards to you being a businessman or just a user. No one else has a right to take it away and use your personal information in any way.

The theft of your identity can be compared to the theft of any other possession that you have - but it is worse. When your purse is stolen or your laptop - it's one thing, unpleasant but not fatal. However, it might take years before you recover from the theft of identity because the case is much more complex and more than possessions can be involved.

Here is the set of tips on how to protect yourself from such unlucky event. The recommendations offered here are simple and do not require any special knowledge or skill and frequently very little effort. Take into consideration that this is your identity and if no one takes care about its security, it is highly likely that someone else can use the situation to their own benefit. By being armed with the knowledge you are already protected.

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